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Cylinder Head

OCS are experts in remanufacturing of cylinder heads of all types. This process includes stripping down, pressure testing the cooling system in the cylinder head to identify cracks or leaks and to assess any damage. We check for distortion and thickness, the restore to their original specification. We also inspect camshaft bores for size, ovality, taper and alignment. We decoke the cylinder head and then check the valve guides for wear or damage.

Our Cylinder head services include:

  • 3 angle valve seat cutting
    Top angle is 30 degrees, seating angle is 45 degrees and the throat is 70 degrees in most cases, however we are able to cut seats to any angle the customer specifies.
  • Valve seat inserting
    This is a hardened seat insert usually for lead free or LPG conversions or if a seat is worn and beyond repair.
  • Valve Grinding
    Regrinding the seat of a valve back to a reconditioned state.
  • Valve guide liners
    We repair or replace liners with K-Line sleeves. We offer a full range of sizes.
  • Valve guide replacement
    We can replace the guides if they are damaged or beyond repair.
  • Valve Shimming
    Resetting the clearances on the mechanical valve train to manufacturer’s specification.
  • LPG head conversion
    We are able to convert most heads to work with LPG by adding hardened seats.
  • Pressure testing head
    We pressurise the coolant system to identify leaks and cracks and advise on repairs required.
  • Head refacing
    Also known as skimming is machining the head to block face to remove distortion or damage.
  • Cylinder head rebuilding
    Complete assembly of cylinder head including valves and cams.
  • Gas flowing
    Porting and polishing cylinder heads for high performance, race quality specifications.
  • 3 axis CNC milling
    Using the latest AutoCAD software we can CNC mill to customer specifications, including re-pitching stud patterns, port shaping, combustion chamber design or reshape and camshaft caps machining.
  • Manifold refacing
    When an exhaust manifold is distorted or misshapen, we can reface it back to true.
  • Decoke cylinder head
    Decoking a cylinder head removes all carbon deposits and burnt oil that effects performance and efficiency.